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Applicable to light, thin material, for single, and progressive die application in blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with ROT line or transfer unit.

 A recent additions to the product line the SNS1 small straight sided single / twin point suspension machines available from 110TF capacity up to 300TF capacity. Like the SN2 TBX this affords all the advantages of a straight sided machine but at a very attractive price. Also available as a link motion machines, the SLS1.


  • Straight side frame designed virtually eliminates angular deflection, providing increased precision for progressive die applications and reducing maintenance costs on tooling.
  • The slide area is 15 %~25% greater than comparable C-frame presses to allow for larger tools. The large 6-point gibs are centered in the slide body, to provide better resistance to off-center loads.
  • SEYI’s patented high-torque wet clutch and brake system provides low noise, long life operation with minimal maintenance.
  • User friendly , multi-function control system allows for easy integration of auxiliary equipment and automation.


1. Motorized Slide Adjusting Device (SN1-60~250)
The motorized slide adjusting device is adopted with a thin brake motor and operated with push buttons. It provides stable positioning accurancy and quick adjustment.

2. Easy-to-use Slide Adjusting Device (SN1-25~45)
Simple, reliable manual slide adjuster with 0.1mm increment indicator.

3. Auto Lubrication System
The auto lubrication system with default monitor ensures high reliable operation.

4. Standard Attachments

  • Fix speed motor + Inverter
  • Combination wet clutch / brake
  • Hydraulic overload protection system
  • PPC9000 Control system *Digital monitor with crank angle and SPM *Touch panel display with press running / error message
  • Electrical die height adjusting device
  • Automatic grease lubrication system
  • Counter balances of slide
  • Die height indicator (displayable unit:0.1 mm)
  • Programmable cam switches
  • Portable operation stand
  • Antirepeat safety device
  • Forth-Reverse switch
  • Total counter 1 set
  • Batch counter 1 set
  • Pre-set counter 1 set
  • Automatic counter 1 set
  • Maintenance counter 1 set
  • Misfeed socket 4 sets (2A, 2B)
  • Pneumatic ejector 1 set
  • Air outlet 1 set Tool box

5. Optional Attachments
  • Pneumatic die cushion
  • Safety light curtains
  • Quick die change system
  • Anti vibration mounts
  • Electric tonnage monitor
  • Safety die block
  • Dei light device 11.V outlet (1A)