Presscare /



Applicable for massive high precision progressive production.


Easy die access with high rigid structure.

    (1) Work efficiently, quick die installation.

    (2) Easy to operate.

    (3) Low punching noise.

    (4) High rigidity with very low “total deflection”.

Duly designed dynamic balancer, stable and smoothly running low vibration, more stable. JIS excellent classified precision

    (1) Excellent overall clearance, long lasting application.

    (2) Prolong die life.

Multi-function touch screen monitor.

    (1) User friendly design for easy operation.

    (2) Fault message display for easy correction.

Mechanic Grip Feeder

Model SGF0606

Lubrication Cooling System

Maintain constant oil temperature to achieve dynamic precision.

Built-in safety protection devices ensure no sudden breakdown.

Standard attachments
  • Hydraulic Slide Locking Device
  • Dual Safety Valve
  • Two Misfeed Socket
  • Air Ejector
  • Air Outlet
  • Preset counter
  • Dual Safety Electric Circuit Design
  • Lamp Socket (11oV5A)
  • Lubrication Heater System
  • Safety Guard

Optional attachments
  • Anti Vibration Mounts
  • Safety Die Block
  • Lubrication cooling System
  • Grip Feeder
  • CAM Feeder(Gear Change System)
  • A Drop Oiler
  • Material Ending Detector