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Applicable for small type progressive die or single processing more than 2mm thickness of material, in blanking, piercing bending, forming component with heavy load.


  • Link motion with a reduced touch speed and cause less vibration and noise.
  • Increased productivity by up to 30% compared to conventional presses.
  • An 8-point square slide guide that with limited gib clearance.
  • Excellent rigid construction is built for heavy loading, drawing and blanking.

1. Standard Attachments

  • Main Motor with Inverter
  • Flywheel Brake and Main Motor FWD./REV. Controller
  • Combination Wet Clutch / Brake
  • Electrical Die Height Adjusting Device
  • Electronic Touch Screen Panel
  • Programmable Cam Switches and 8 Channels Spare Cams
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection System
  • Automatic Re-circulation System
  • Die-stick Release Device
  • Large Lockable Emergency Stop Button
  • Product Counter
  • Batch counter
  • Misfeed Socket (2B)
  • Pneumatic Ejector (1 set)
  • Air Outlet (1 set)
  • Wall Mount Control console
  • Die Light Device
  • Portable Operation Stand
  • Safety Door
  • Safety Bar
  • Safety Fance
  • Ladder
  • Maintance Tool

2. Optional Attachments
  • Quick Die Change Device
  • Automatic System Device
  • Poto electric Safety Device
  • Electric Tonnage Monitor
  • Anti Vibration Mounts