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Applicable to light, thin material, for single, and progressive die application in blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with ROT line or transfer unit.


  • The symmetrical front-rear column structure design minimizes deflection and is most suitable for precision progressive die applications.
  • No inherent angular deflection, which significantly extends die life and reduces cost of tooling maintenance.
  • High rigidity structure ensures consistent dynamic precision.
  • Fast approach/return speeds with reduced slide velocity during the working portion of the stoke, minimizing vibration and noise while extending tooling life.
  • Increases part quality by minimizing spring-back during forming.
  • High torque, enclosed wet clutch brake unit requires minimal maintenance, eliminates noise and pollution caused by airborne particles, and significantly extends lining life.


1. Motorized Slide Adjusting Device
The motorized slide adjusting device is adopted with a thin brake motor and operated with push buttons. It provides stable positioning accurancy and quick adjustment.

2. Digital Die Height Indicator

Motorized slide adjusting device fitted with 0.1mm increment digital die height indicator.

3. Dual Safety Valve
The interlock mechanism on the dual valve keeps the clutch and brake form mis-actuation when valve is default.

4. Standard Attachments

  • Variable frequency drive
  • Wet clutch and brake unit hydraulic overload protection system
  • Motorized slide adjustment
  • Automatic grease lubrication system
  • Air Counter Balance Cylinder Manuel Oiler
  • Air Counter Balance System
  • Die height indicator (displayable unit:0.1mm)
  • Programmable limit switch
  • Overrun protection
  • Forward/Reverse Main Motor Direction
  • Control Counter
  • Batch counter
  • Pre-set counter
  • Chop counter
  • Maintenance counter
  • Miss-feed detector socket
  • Air ejector –1 set
  • Air tool socket –1 set
  • Tool Box

5. Optional Attachments
  • Die cushion
  • Safety light curtains
  • Quick die change system
  • Flywheel brake
  • NC feeder system
  • Isolation mounts
  • Tonnage monitor
  • Die safety block
  • Die area lighting
  • Air tool or ejector socket (1 additional)