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Applicable for small type with massive progressive die production for blanking, piercing, bending, forming with transfer unit.


  • High precision & rigidity structural design.
  • Low forming speed.
  • Unique dynamic balance system.
  • Extremely small total clearance.


1. High Rigidity Straight Side Structure.Super-wide 8-point Gib
3 split section tie-rod structure with re-tightening by hydraulic jacks. Slide & bolster bed processed under welding and annealing procedures, reducing deflection to less than 1/14000(0.00087 inches per foot). Super-wide 8-point gib provides maximum assurance of accuracy and rigidity –most effective for products requiring super precision.

2. Dynamic Balance System
SM2’s unique Dynamic Balance System facilitates maintenance of overall structure balance during high-speed movements. With similar forming speed, SM2 achieves 50% plus in productivity in comparison to crank type presses.

3. Apt with Progressive Dense Metal Blanking Capability
Under similar production needs and requirements, one unit of SM2 generates performance equivalent to two units of other ordinary straight-side presses. Furthermore, SM2 requires only half of the electricity, operation labors and facility area needed for crank type presses.

4. Standard Attachments

  • Main Motor with Inverter
  • Flywheel Brake and Main Motor FWD./REV. Controller
  • Combination Wet Clutch / Brake
  • Electrical Die Height Adjusting Device
  • Electronic Touch Screen Panel
  • Programmable Cam Switches and 8 Channels Spare Cams
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection System
  • Automatic Re-circulation System
  • Die-stick Release Device
  • Large Lockable Emergency Stop Button
  • Product Counter
  • Batch counter
  • Misfeed Socket (2B)
  • Pneumatic Ejector (1 set)
  • Air Outlet (1 set)
  • Wall Mount Control console
  • Die Light Device
  • Portable Operation Stand
  • Safety Door
  • Safety Bar
  • Safety Fance
  • Ladder
  • Maintance Tool

5. Optional Attachments
  • Quick Die Change Device
  • Automatic System Device
  • Poto electric Safety Device
  • Electric Tonnage Monitor
  • Anti Vibration Mounts